Why are Snowboard Tunes Necessary?

Why are Snowboard Tunes Necessary?

Those who are new to snowboarding often do not understand the importance of maintaining their boards. They may have heard about snowboard tunes but don’t really know what it means and don’t think that it is something that they have to worry about. But the experts at Canyon Sports say that regular snowboard tunes are hugely important as they are the only way to ensure that the board is running smooth and fast, which is what makes the activity so enjoyable. 

What is a Snowboard Tune? 

For those not fully up to speed with what a snowboard tune is, it is like a service for your board. In the same way that cars need a service every year, your snowboard also requires regularly servicing or ‘tuning’. 

Snowboard tunes consist of several steps designed to ensure that the board performs as it should. This includes cleaning, inspecting for damage, sharpening of board edges, grinding of the base, and finishing off with a wax. 

A full tune on a snowboard will ensure that it performs better in terms of speed, grip, and control. A regular tune is akin to returning the board back to the performance levels seen when it was brand new. 

How Often Should You Get Your Snowboard Tuned? 

Those who snowboard regularly will typically have their board tuned a couple of times per season, while others will opt to have it done either at the beginning or end of a season. How often it should be done really depends on how often you use the board. If you are hitting the slopes once or twice per season, it will not require tuning as often as someone who goes once or twice per week. 

The time of year that you usually hit the slopes will also play a role in how often your board requires a tune up. For example, if you tend to go early or later in the season, you will likely be snowboarding in milder conditions, which means that you are likely to be riding on a thinner snow base. The thinner the snow base, the more likely it is that you will be traversing over things like dirt, rocks, and branches, which can all damage the base of the board. Your board is less likely to be affected by base damage when the snow is thicker in the middle of the season. 

Should You Tune Your Board Yourself?

Snowboard tuning is something that you can do yourself provided you have the right products and equipment and that you know what you are doing. However, some people prefer paying the experts to do it so because they know that this will ensure a professional finish. 

Nevertheless, if you want to tune the board to either save money or because you are interested in learning how to do it, you will find a number of websites and online tutorials that will give you all of the details regarding the materials to buy and the method to tune your board like a pro. 


Tuning a snowboard is important because it will improve your performance on the slopes while also making your board last longer. How often you get your board tuned depends on how often you use it and in what kind of conditions. If you are snowboarding regularly over a season, you will probably need to get your board tuned professionally or do it yourself a couple of times. However, if you only get out on your board once or twice over the course of the winter, you might find that one tune up per season is sufficient.

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