Travel Tips For A Stellar Trip To Guangzhou, China

Travel Tips For A Stellar Trip To Guangzhou, China

There are a number of important things to know about travel to Guangzhou. The first is that there is a lot to see and do in the city. This includes the Canton Fair, Cantonese cuisine, shopping, and more. Visiting Guangzhou is incredible and after your Cathay Pacific flight, here are some reasons why people say this. 

Cantonese cuisine

Cantonese cuisine is a fusion of western and eastern cooking styles. This type of Chinese cuisine includes dishes from many different regions of China. The foods used in this cuisine are usually made of meats, fish, and vegetables. Often the spices are used in small amounts.

Most Cantonese dishes are served with plain white rice. Unlike Western Chinese food, most Cantonese sauces are much less sweet. Rather than using fresh herbs, some chefs will add dried or preserved items to rice dishes.

The most common cooking methods are stir frying and steaming. In addition to these, other methods include braising, deep frying, and double steaming.

There is a wealth of variety in the foods available in Guangzhou. Some dishes are more commonly found in Cantonese homes than in restaurants. These dishes include stir-fried garoupa and steamed chicken with ginger scallop sauce.

Dried items such as dried scallops and shrimp paste are used in this cuisine. They are usually added to the stir-fried vegetables. As a result, these foods can acquire intense flavours.

Another local delicacy is shark fin soup. Its taste is delicate and its texture is non-greasy. To serve the dish, one should use the smallest possible amount of seasonings.

One of the most popular dishes in the Chinese cuisine is the dim sum. Dim sum is a small portion of food in a translucent wrapper. Many of these are filled with a variety of fillings.

Another traditional Cantonese dish is the congee. Congee is a porridge made of rice. Lean pork and century eggs are often seasoned in this dish.

A typical Cantonese diet includes fish, chicken, beef, and pork. This is complemented by a variety of snacks and beverages. Often, the ingredients are infused with soy sauce or fermented black beans.


Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in China and has a wide variety of markets. It is also a major export and import hub. You can find a wide selection of products, including clothing, leather, and fresh tropical fruits.

The city is full of shops, but the most popular shopping destination in the city is Beijing Road. This is a pedestrian street lined with chain stores and restaurants. There are more than 300 shops here.

Beijing Road is home to a number of Chinese and international brands. Here, you can purchase souvenirs, jewelry, and shoes. Many of the stores here are geared toward tourists, but locals are also attracted to the area.

Xia-jiu road in the Yuexiu district is a large market, with more than 10,000 square meters of shopping space. The stores here carry various products, including vases, ornaments, and African wood carving.

In addition to Xia-jiu Road, you can also visit Electronics City in Guangzhou, which is home to a large number of electronic stores. The shops here sell digital products, such as laptops, tablet computers, and peripherals.

Another popular Guangzhou shopping place is Wanguo Outlets, which is a modern mall. It features big-name brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, and Givenchy. Other stores here feature European, Western, and Asian products.

You can also shop at the Guangzhou Department Store, which has a range of merchandise, from toys and furniture to cosmetics. Aside from shopping, you can enjoy other attractions, including the Baiyun Mountain, the Bird Spring Valley Park, and Yuntai Garden.

Finally, you can also visit Shang Xia Jiu Guang Chang, a major shopping district in downtown Guangzhou. The stores here sell excellent sales on clothing.

Canton Fair

The Canton Fair is a trade show held annually in Guangzhou, China. The first Canton Fair was held in 1957 and has since grown to become one of the largest trade shows in the world.

This trade show is a great opportunity for businessmen from around the globe to establish business links with Chinese companies. There are two sessions of the fair each year, one in the spring and the other in the autumn.

In addition to the main exhibition, there are a number of other events and activities that take place during the fair. These include a virtual expo, an online exhibition and an e-commerce pilot zone. A free Wi-Fi service is also available.

The Canton Fair is organized by the China Foreign Trade Center. It has a total of 25,000 exhibitors. They include private and foreign-invested enterprises, as well as scientific research institutions.

It is important to note that a number of global purchasers are also invited to attend the event. As the Canton Fair is a prime channel for Chinese companies to develop international markets, these companies have a wide range of products and services to offer.

The fair also serves as a valuable barometer of the country’s foreign trade. It is the largest of its kind in the world.

Other key attractions of the fair include the virtual expo, an e-commerce pilot zone, and commodity inspection. Some of the most popular companies that have exhibited at the event are Chinese – in fact, the fair is referred to as the “China Import and Export Fair.”

Another important feature of the fair is the dual circulation. The structure of the show is designed to enhance the efficiency of cross-border trade.

Chimelong Amusement/Wildlife Park

Chimelong Amusement/Wildlife Park in Guangzhou, China is a national-grade wildlife park with a large area of subtropical rainforest. The park features a variety of animals from around the world, including chimpanzees, koalas, lions, tigers, and elephants.

Visitors can take a drive through the park or walk along the paths to view a variety of animals. It is one of the first safari parks in China to introduce a self-drive tour.

In the western half of the park, visitors can drive through a special zone that is home to a number of wild animals. This experience will last for about an hour. A special ticket is required to enter the area.

Besides the driving area, the park also features a number of other rides and attractions. These include the Giant Panda Centre, the Wild Kingdom, and a ten-story Ferris wheel. Some of these rides have won international awards.

The park features the largest collection of pandas outside of Chengdu. There are 10 giant pandas. Chimelong also has the largest koala breeding center outside of Australia.

The park also features the Chimelong International Circus. It features performances of over 500 animals, including crocodiles, amphibians, and a number of other rare species. Many of the artists come from across the globe.

The park also features a drive through the Safari on Wheels section. This is a tram ride that takes you through a variety of animals. However, it is illegal to feed the animals in the park. Feeding them is dangerous and must be done only in designated areas.

Chimelong Wildlife Safari is also one of the country’s best-known tourist attractions. It features a large number of koalas, anteaters, rhinos, and zebras.

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