Abstract Art and The Painters Behind It

Abstract Art and The Painters Behind It

One of the most popular art forms is abstract art. If it’s made into a painting, a drawing, a movie, a sculpture, a song, a performance or a clothing piece, it’s everywhere. You might also know a lot of different artworks and the amazing artists that are behind them, but what painters went ahead and got themselves into the abstract form of it?

Mark Rothko

Maybe you know him, maybe you don’t. If you’re speaking of abstract art and know a lot about art, this name should definitely pop into your head. rothko/”>Mark Rothko was the person who discovered ‘Colourfield painting’. This form of art is the use of color in big areas, without creating any objects or people. It’s all just colorful lines and blocks and some other shapes that form these art pieces. Some might find this form of abstract art boring, because there is no shape in one of these works, it has to be your thing. You can find one of his works ‘Black Blue Painting’ in the Moco Museum in Amsterdam! So feel free to join the museum so you can admire the great art of Mark Rothko.

Pablo Picasso

If you haven’t heard of Pablo Picasso, I think you might have been living under a rock or something. Picasso is one of the most well known Spanish artists, he was a man of many talents. He made paintings but he’s also done sculptures, drawings, ceramic work and he even made jewelry. Picasso had many different era’s in his career. For example: whenever he fell in love again his work style would change. He had a ‘blue period’, in this era he made a lot of sad looking works. When the blue period turned into the ‘pink period’ he had fallen in love. His paintings would become less sad and hard to look at but would turn more pink.

Piet Mondriaan

Piet Mondriaan was a Dutch painter who was born in Amersfoort, this is where ‘Het Mondriaanhuis’ (the museum you can look at his art in) is also located. By only using primary colours and black and white you’d think he’d be in the same list of people who have used the Mark Rothko technique, but Mondriaan passed away before the technique was even created. The name they gave to his art form was ‘Neo Plasticism’. This basically means ‘new image’ or ‘new perspective’ meaning it’s a new and different way of looking at things.